Wills, Probate, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Many people put off planning for the future until it’s too late, leaving their loved ones in a difficult and potentially highly upsetting situation. At AMD Solicitors, we can help you take the appropriate steps to make sure your affairs, and those of the people closest to you, are taken care of should the worst happen.

With over sixty years’ experience helping clients deal with issues surrounding wills, probate, trusts and powers of attorney, we are confident we have the expertise to help you make the right provisions for your future. Getting on top of these matters now means you can get on with living your life knowing you are prepared for whatever might come next.

How we can help you

If you are worried about what is going to happen to your possessions, children or business in the event of your death or incapacity, we can help. Alternatively, if you are dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s death or incapacity and need advice on how to move forward, our expert solicitors are here for you. Whatever your needs, we can advise you on the appropriate legal procedures.

Whether you are setting up or administering a trust, trying to find out about minimising your inheritance tax bill or looking to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself, we would love to hear from you.

 Our experienced and approachable solicitors are experts in:

• Estate Administration

• Wills

• Lasting Powers of Attorney

• Court of Protection work

• Trusts

• Inheritance Tax Planning

We recognise that each client is an individual with unique requirements and will do our very best to make sure we help you choose the best options for you.

Our team of solicitors are based across Bristol, with offices in Henleaze, Clifton and Shirehampton. If you would like to find out more, or to book an appointment with one of our experts in wills, probate, trusts and powers of attorney, call 0117 962 1205 and ask to speak to a specialist in the relevant area. Or, to simply find out how much getting a will might cost you, request a quote online.


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Probate delays...

Anyone who has applied for a grant of probate recently whether as a personal application or through a Solicitor will be aware that unfortunately the probate registry is suffering severe delays.

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The Importance of Lasting Power Of Attorney

Leaving a will ensures our affairs are taken care of after our death but not everyone considers what happens if they are not able to manage their affairs in their lifetime. We as a population are living longer, and it’s possible that one day you will be unable to manage your own financial affairs and welfare.

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Pitfalls of Probate

In the second of a series of articles AMD solicitors discuss the pitfalls of DIY probate. In this instalment Sarah Burgess, a Solicitor dealing with contentious and non-contentious probate, highlights some of the issues she has come across.

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Prenuptial agreements: Do you need one?

If you are bringing personal or business assets into a marriage, you may benefit from a prenuptial agreement, or “prenup”. These kinds of agreements are no longer just associated with the rich - families from all income levels should consider how to protect their assets in the event of a divorce.

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Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney - Refunds due from the Office of the Public Guardian

Have you registered an enduring or lasting power of attorney in the last 5 years? If you have then you will be able to claim a refund of part of your application fee.

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Probate - Can you afford to take the risk?

Many people who are appointed as executors under a will know that their duties include administering an estate in accordance with the will to ensure that the beneficiaries receive what they have been left.

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More to Administering an Estate than Obtaining a Grant of Probate

Brenda Smyth of AMD Solicitors considers the tax implications when dealing with the administration of an estate

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Dangers of a homemade will

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors considers the dangers of homemade wills

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AMD's Probate Talks - A summary of the main issues

Last month, AMD Solicitors hosted two probate talks to outline current issues in Private Client Law. The talks are held to inform members of the public about the changing law and there are opportunities to ask questions. We had an excellent turn out last month presenting to 30 people at the Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church.

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Successful private client talks

Andrew Jack and Florence Pearce, two of our experienced private client Solicitors, recently gave talks at both the Tyndale Baptist Church in Clifton and the Trinity Henleaze URC Church in Henleaze on Inheritance Tax, Lasting Powers of Attorney, wills, and related matters.

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Successful talk to St Andrews Ladies Club

On 19 April our Andrew Jack spoke to the members of St Andrews Ladies Club in Avonmouth.  He had been invited along to speak to them on the subject of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probate after a member of the club had previously attended a public talk run in Shirehampton and was impressed with how Andrew presented.

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The new Inheritance Tax rules – very good news for some

Under the new inheritance tax rules, far more estates will pass free of inheritance tax post 5 April 2017. By 5 April 2021, some estates worth £1 million will pass free of inheritance tax. This is the good news, but is by far from the whole picture.

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Connections with Europe?

If so, your Will may take effect differently post 17 August 2015.

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Inheritance and the Changing Family

The AMD Solicitors Private Client department presents an Autumn workshop on

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Passing on the nest - Is it a good idea to give your home to your children?

Solicitors in the AMD private client department are asked from time to time to advise on whether it is a good idea for parents of adult children to transfer their home to the names of their children.  Many couples are concerned about losing their hard-earned savings in meeting the costs of their future care.

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DIY Probate pitfalls and how to avoid them

Andrew Jack, one of our Probate and Wills Specialists offers some tips on avoiding DIY probate pitfalls.

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To be a Trustee

I have been considering the role of a trustee while practising in trust law over recent months.  Professional trustees will have many resources available to them which “volunteer” trustees, such as family and friends of the person setting up the trust, may not.

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Protecting your children’s inheritance - a Case Study

Anita had a child from her first marriage, Sarah. When Anita remarried she and her new husband Derek bought a home in their joint names. Derek had a son from a previous relationship, James.  He and Anita had always promised each other that the survivor of them would share their estate equally between Sarah and James.

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The new law of Inheritance Progress, but not enough

The law of inheritance in England and Wales has changed significantly with effect from 1 October 2014 as the “Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014” comes into force. The changes are in the writer’s view generally for the good, though much more could have been done to update and improve the current rules.

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Contesting a Will – Do I have a Case?

If you have been written out of a will or do not feel you have been fairly represented and suspect some wrong doing, you may be able to contest the legal validity of the will. In addition to fraud and forgery there are two circumstances that can lead to a will being invalid: where there was undue influence by a third party on the person who made the will, or that person was lacking in testamentary capacity at the time of making their will - for example if they lacked mental capacity due to illness.

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Shelley Faulkner’s blog - Private Client Law

May 2014  - A blog by any other name ... (oh, and the discretionary trust)

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What Do I Need To Know Before Writing My Will?

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors offers important information for anyone about to undertake the task of writing their will, and explains why it is important to seek legal advice before doing so.

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Who is Suitable to hold your Lasting Power of Attorney?

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors discusses the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney and who is suitable to make important decisions on your behalf.

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More haste, less speed - Why does probate take so long?

By Shelley Faulkner, solicitor with AMD Solicitors.

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The Forgotten Tax

By Florence Pearce, Specialist Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitor with AMD Solicitors. 

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Fielder Club - Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors gave a talk to around 40 members of a Westbury-on-Trym community organisation on 2 April 2012 about the various options available to them on planning for their later years.

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I'll have a loaf of bread, milk and a Will please!

Katie Hughes, Commercial Law Solicitor with AMD Solicitors considers the radical changes expected to the provision of legal services.