Running your business

Matters / Services for running a business.

During the lifetime of your business, your business will inevitably need to change so that it can thrive and expand. The big decisions that you will have to make for your business will be important and the outcome of those decisions can often be crucial for the continued success of your business. At these times we know how important it is for businesses to have not only a legal advisor with the necessary expertise but also an advisor that you can trust.

We can offer advice and assistance for your business in connection with:

Changes to your business structure


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Do your Terms and Conditions leave your business at risk?

Anna Sivula, Solicitor in AMD’s Commercial team, explains why tailoring terms and conditions to suit your business pays off in the long run.

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GDPR: What Happens If You Don’t Comply

This year, there have been few political or legal developments that have dominated headlines as much as Brexit. If there is one topic that has come even close, it is the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Does your business need a shareholders’ agreement?

Anna Sivula, Solicitor in AMD’s Commercial team, discusses the benefits of shareholders’ agreements.

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What is a joint venture agreement?

A joint venture can take many forms. Taking the widest definition, this can mean a strategic arrangement between two or more businesses, where resources are pooled, to work together on a specific project or an ongoing basis. Joint ventures are a useful way of collaborating with other businesses and to combine different areas of expertise for targeted or general business purposes.

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Does Your Company Need an Equality and Diversity Policy?

Under the Equality Act (2010) companies are legally required not to discriminate against employees or potential employees due to issues such as race, gender, age or disability. These are examples of what the Act calls “Protected Characteristics”.

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Do I need to Trademark my Company Name?

When starting out it can seem like a large expense to Trademark your company name or company logo but it’s something you should be doing if you want to protect your brand and invest in the future of the business. As a business grows, it may look to set up a franchise network, become a multi-site business or sell the business.

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What would happen to your business if you were not there to run it?

Andrew Jack and Florence Pearce, Solicitors at AMD raise the question every business owner should think about.

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From Start to Finish

Katie Hughes, Commercial Solicitor with AMD Solicitors looks at your Business needs.

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Limiting your Commercial Risk when Acquiring a Business

Grant McCall, Commercial Law Solicitor with AMD Solicitors offers advice to businesses

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Recovering Commercial Debts in the Recession

Grant McCall explains the issues involved with debt recovery during a recession.