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Alison Dukes - Director, Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer

Alison was admitted as a solicitor in 1986 and joined AMD in 2001. Alison has over 20 years experience as a solicitor. Alison is our Client Care Director and is committed to making sure that the company continues to provide the personal and caring service that it has developed a name for.


Caring for Others

Miss S felt that she could no longer cope at home and as she did not have any close family she contacted us, as we had been appointed as her attorney.

Alison Articles

A Recent Family Inheritance Dispute

Mrs P lived with her unmarried daughter Miss P. When she died she left a will leaving her entire estate to Miss P and making no provision for her married daughter Mrs T.

Andrew Jack, Solicitor

Getting The Will Right

Mr R arranged for his mother to execute a standard form of will that he completed shortly before her death. Mr R mistakenly believed that the will left his mother’s entire estate to him and he applied for a grant of probate and subsequently transferred his mother’s property to his sole name.