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Philip Brown

Consultant Solicitor

Contact details

T: 07952 031339 / 0117 962 1205
E: philipbrown@amdsolicitors.com

Areas of practice:

  • Operator Licensing and Road Transport Law

Philip joined AMD Solicitors in 2012, having gained over 21 years’ experience in operator licensing, since his appointment as a Deputy Traffic Commissioner in 1990 and subsequently serving as full-time Traffic Commissioner in Bristol and in London and South East England from 2000 until 2011. He was Senior Traffic Commissioner (Tribunal Judge) for Great Britain from 2003 until 2011.

Philip started his career as a lawyer in the magistrates’ courts’ service, then practised as a solicitor in the criminal courts. He became Director of Legal Studies for Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge until taking up his full time tribunal post in Bristol in 2000. He currently writes for various legal publications, particularly in road traffic and road transport law and is a contributing editor to Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences. He provides a comprehensive service for those involved in operator licensing in the heavy goods and bus and coach industries, including advice and representation in the magistrates’ court, in regulatory proceedings before a traffic commissioner, including appeals to the Upper Tribunal.

Philip is an avid follower of cricket, football and rugby.

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