Probate delays...

Anyone who has applied for a grant of probate recently whether as a personal application or through a Solicitor will be aware that unfortunately the probate registry is suffering severe delays.  The delays are being caused by the combined impact of a new IT system and changes to the look of grants of probate.
Currently we are being advised that all grants are being issued in strict date order with no way to speed up the process in urgent cases, such as where a grant is needed for a house sale.  Currently we are being advised that it is taking 6-8 weeks for grants to be issued.
Some Good News

For all of you who have seen in the press about the proposed increase in probate fees it has been announced by the government that they will not be pursuing the increase in this parliamentary session.  No doubt it will be re-introduced at some point but the government seems to have more on their plate at the moment.

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