Last week we sponsored Flamingo Chicks and their Acting Masterclass session with Joe Sims, on stage at the Bristol Old Vic!

Flamingo Chicks is an inclusive dance school, enabling disabled children to enjoy ballet alongside their friends. However, they offer so much more than simply dance - they are a platform for social change, and their peer-elected 'Agents of Change' (similar to a school council) have spoken at the United Nations and Downing Street!

They recently had the opportunity to take part in a one-off Acting Masterclass with actor Joe Sims at the iconic Bristol Old Vic Theatre. Thanks to support from AMD, Flamingo Chicks were able to invite 17 children and their parents/carers to take part, and it was a fantastic experience for all. The children had so much fun taking on different characters, and they also worked on important life skills such as communication and dealing with a range of emotions. Opportunities like this are all too often a rarity for disabled children, and Flamingo Chicks are so grateful to AMD for their support which enabled this event to take place. 

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