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Buying a Business - Some practical guidance on what to consider from the outset

Buying a business takes time. This can be frustrating when you are keen to embark on a new venture as soon as possible. With a view to minimising unnecessary delays and to aid a smooth purchase, the following tips may help you in the early stages of negotiation with your sellers and preparing for your purchase.
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Connections with Europe?

If so, your Will may take effect differently post 17 August 2015.
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Inheritance and the Changing Family

The AMD Solicitors Private Client department presents an Autumn workshop on
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Passing on the nest - Is it a good idea to give your home to your children?

Solicitors in the AMD private client department are asked from time to time to advise on whether it is a good idea for parents of adult children to transfer their home to the names of their children.  Many couples are concerned about losing their hard-earned savings in meeting the costs of their future care.
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Does Your Company Need an Equality and Diversity Policy?

Under the Equality Act (2010) companies are legally required not to discriminate against employees or potential employees due to issues such as race, gender, age or disability. These are examples of what the Act calls “Protected Characteristics”.
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When should a mother be expected to return to work?

Anne Thistlethwaite a Solicitor and Mediator at AMD Solicitors considers two recent cases on Financial Provision after divorce.
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How to Resolve Shareholder Disputes

When the shareholders of a company fall out, it can significantly harm the commercial interests of the business. That is why it is so important to resolve any disagreements as quickly and effectively as possible, allowing you to move forward and continue developing the business.
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DIY Probate pitfalls and how to avoid them

Andrew Jack, one of our Probate and Wills Specialists offers some tips on avoiding DIY probate pitfalls.
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Landlord’s Nightmare/Tenant’s Dream

In the 1960s, 70s, even 80s, tenants had started to acquire a considerable degree of security of tenure.  The situation was such that prospective landlords would not let their (empty) premises for fear that they would never regain possession of them.
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Spousal Maintenance - Wright v Wright

Alison Dukes a Solicitor and Director at AMD Solicitors considers a recent case on Spousal Maintenance and a judge’s comments on when a mother should be expected to return to work.