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Successful talk to St Andrews Ladies Club

On 19 April our Andrew Jack spoke to the members of St Andrews Ladies Club in Avonmouth.  He had been invited along to speak to them on the subject of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probate after a member of the club had previously attended a public talk run in Shirehampton and was impressed with how Andrew presented.
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John Todd of AMD Solicitors looks at Assured Shorthold Tenancies in the wake of the Deregulation Act 2015
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Inheritance and the changing family

While many of the families who seek our advice on planning for inheritance remain a traditional structure, there are increasing numbers of more complicated families. There are often challenging issues to resolve when advising on succession planning for modern-day families.
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The importance of honesty in financial negotiations during divorce

ALISON DUKES, a Family Law specialist with AMD SOLICITORS, comments on the proper approach to financial disclosure if parties to a divorce want any agreement they reach to be final.
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So you think your start-up has all angles covered? A cautionary business tale by Grant McCall, Commercial Law Specialist at AMD Solicitors

It is 2010.  Mr Jones and Mr Smith are old friends.  Mr Jones is a talented carpenter who would like to run his own firm but has no money to put into starting a business. Mr Smith agrees to lend Mr Jones £25,000 to help him start his business.
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New Year’s Resolutions with AMD Solicitors

The New Year is a great time to get round to the things you meant to do last year. Start this year as you mean to go on, organised and prepared for every eventuality. Or, failing that, perhaps aim to get one or two things off that never ending ‘to-do’ list.
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Commercial Property - Entering in Haste

Tony Moore Specialist Commercial Property Solicitor with AMD Solicitors examines the pros and cons of taking or giving occupation of a commercial property, before a lease is finalised.
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The new Inheritance Tax rules – very good news for some

Under the new inheritance tax rules, far more estates will pass free of inheritance tax post 5 April 2017. By 5 April 2021, some estates worth £1 million will pass free of inheritance tax. This is the good news, but is by far from the whole picture.
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Ensuring Compliance with Road Transport Law for Businesses

When it comes to road transport law, few have as much experience as AMD Solicitors’ Philip Brown. A former specialist regulator for the goods and bus & coach industries, Philip was also Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain from 2003-2011.
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Buying a Business - Some practical guidance on what to consider from the outset

Buying a business takes time. This can be frustrating when you are keen to embark on a new venture as soon as possible. With a view to minimising unnecessary delays and to aid a smooth purchase, the following tips may help you in the early stages of negotiation with your sellers and preparing for your purchase.