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How to avoid a delayed disposal when selling charity properties

It is a trustee’s duty to always work in the best interest of their charity, so when it comes to selling charity property, the law has clear requirements in place to help you do this. By understanding these requirements, it will help you to avoid unnecessary delays when the time comes that you may need to dispose of your charity’s property.
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Key considerations when negotiating heads of terms for a commercial lease

When you’ve found the ideal commercial property it can be tempting to move in quickly, particularly if you feel that the agent or landlord is putting pressure on you to submit an offer. This could mean that you end up entering into a lease without being certain about what the terms are and whether the lease suits your business purposes.
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What to look out for when considering a commercial lease

If you are looking to rent a commercial property then aside from looking for the right location and amount of space, there are some key legal considerations that you should consider. 
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Planning for a Business Merger

A business merger occurs when two separate businesses join together to become one single business or to create a group of companies. The new business entity should benefit in a number of ways, for example:
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Who is the Operator?

There may be times when working with other contractors, suppliers or agencies means there is a blurring of who is responsible for the actual work.  Unless you are very careful this could get you in trouble with the Traffic Commissioner.
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The importance of terms and conditions when starting a business

As a new business, the focus is always on generating clients and selling goods or services. Without a contract or terms and conditions of business, it will be difficult for a new business to clearly show what they have agreed to provide (and what they won’t do) for their charges.
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Key Legal Considerations For Growing Your Business

Growing your business can be a very exciting, positive time but it also presents challenges. By taking some key legal considerations into account, you can make sure any growth plans are built on a sound legal foundation.
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Dangers of a homemade will

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors considers the dangers of homemade wills
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Disposing of charity properties without getting caught out

A charity disposing of property (such as by sale, lease or mortgage) must fully understand and comply with all of their legal obligations. Failing to do so could result in: