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Trapped in a Loveless Marriage

Alison Dukes, a family solicitor at AMD Solicitors reviews the Court of Appeal case of Owens v Owens.
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More to Administering an Estate than Obtaining a Grant of Probate

Brenda Smyth of AMD Solicitors considers the tax implications when dealing with the administration of an estate
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What happens if you don’t have a shareholders’ agreement?

Shareholders are people (or companies) that have invested time or money into a company in return for shares (equity) in that company. Shares can have very different rights attaching, for example some shares carry voting rights, some are non-voting but where voting shares are concerned, it is important to ensure the relationship between the shareholders is documented.
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Gearing a business ready for sale

Some business owners have an overall exit strategy in mind from an early stage, quite often this involves selling their business. Preparing an exit strategy is always best practice as the unexpected can always arise, for example, a big offer from a larger company or a change in personal circumstances such as a health scare.
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How often should you carry out Preventative Measures Inspections?

Although any business needs to make sure that the vehicles they use are roadworthy, this is particularly important for businesses which hold a transport operator’s licence. Aside from other inspections such as a first-use inspection or a daily walk around check, you must also make sure you undertake a Preventative Maintenance Inspection, often referred to as a PMI, to ensure any vehicles used are roadworthy and safe to use.
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Things to consider before renewing your commercial lease

The renewal of a commercial lease can be a worrying time for any business. On the one hand the landlord may not be obliged to renew the lease, and on the other it is also open for a commercial tenant to simply walk away from the premises at the end of the existing lease.
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What you need to consider if you are buying a business

The prospect of owning your own business can be challenging but rewarding. One way to achieve business ownership is to buy an existing and established business. When purchasing a trading business, either as a share purchase or asset purchase, it is imperative that legal risks are known and mitigated.
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How to avoid a delayed disposal when selling charity properties

It is a trustee’s duty to always work in the best interest of their charity, so when it comes to selling charity property, the law has clear requirements in place to help you do this. By understanding these requirements, it will help you to avoid unnecessary delays when the time comes that you may need to dispose of your charity’s property.