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We are thrilled to have been shortlisted by the Bristol Law Society for this year’s Law Firm of the Year (up to 15 Partners).
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Are Non-Disclosure Agreements Necessary?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (‘NDA’) is required to protect confidentiality between the parties. This could be between two or more parties where the parties wish to work on a project to share and and develop confidential information or where one party wishes to disclose to or allow another party or parties to use their confidential information.
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Lasting Powers of Attorney - Are they still a good idea?

You may have seen or heard the comments of retired senior Judge Denzil Lush concerning Lasting Powers of Attorney and why he would never sign one himself. This has prompted new and existing clients to consider whether they should retain their power of attorney or enter into one.
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How Long Does Power of Attorney Last?

Powers of Attorney are instruments which allow a third party to take decisions on your behalf if you lose the capacity to do so.
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Buying a property without Building Regulation Consent for alterations – What are the options?

Are you thinking of buying a property but are concerned that alterations have been made to it without the appropriate Local Authority Building Regulations Approval? Our Property Law Specialists at AMD Solicitors look at the issues.
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Probate - Can you afford to take the risk?

Many people who are appointed as executors under a will know that their duties include administering an estate in accordance with the will to ensure that the beneficiaries receive what they have been left.
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Commercial Property: Should I Use A Solicitor For A 5 Year Lease?

The majority of businesses need premises to operate from. These can include retail shops, offices, workshops, factories or storage facilities. While some businesses own the premises they operate from, most occupy under a lease paying a market rent.
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How to plan for the critical illness or death of an owner manager shareholder

It’s understandable that talk of death and illness can be a sensitive and unpleasant topic but for SME’s whose owners also work full time in the business, critical illness or death of a shareholder must be provided for.
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AMD's Recent Probate Talks

Recently, AMD Solicitors hosted two probate talks to outline current issues in Private Client Law. The talks are held to inform members of the public about the changing law and there are opportunities to ask questions.