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Recovering Commercial Debts in the Recession

Grant McCall explains the issues involved with debt recovery during a recession.
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Acquiring a franchise business

Tony Moore of AMD Solicitors offers some guidance
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Protecting Your Assets

Grant McCall, Commercial Law Solicitor with AMD Solicitors offers advice to businesses
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Mediation - you don't have to go to court to effectively resolve your dispute

Marian Davies, Solicitor with AMD Solicitors explains why mediation is an increasingly attractive option whatever the type of dispute.
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Limiting Your Liability

Are you a sole trader or in a partnership? Are you concerned about your financial exposure during this economic downturn? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you should be considering converting to a private limited company or limited liability partnership (“LLP”).
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Don't forget the Small Print!

Solicitor Grant McCall, Commercial Law Specialist with AMD Solicitors offers advice to new and existing businesses