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Will Prenuptials Become Legally Binding?

Divorce has traditionally been a messy experience for all concerned. The law has been unclear, making financial outcomes difficult to predict. Presently, prenuptial agreements provide some protection for assets, however courts are not obliged to enforce them.
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Will Lower Speed Limits in Bristol affect the Operator Licensing Industries?

Bristol City Council is rolling out a city-wide 20mph zone in an attempt to make the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The decision was taken following a pilot scheme in 2012 and despite receiving a mixed reception to the proposals will be completed by March 2015.
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The gift that pays for itself

How leaving money to charity can save you Inheritance Tax
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What does the new Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Process mean for Landlords?

Rebecca Scadding of AMD Solicitors discusses the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process that is being introduced in April 2014.   
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Understanding Financial Provision

Anne Thistlethwaite, trained mediator and family law specialist at AMD Solicitors, provides an insight into the world of financial provision during divorce proceedings brought about by a relationship breakdown.
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What Do I Need To Know Before Writing My Will?

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors offers important information for anyone about to undertake the task of writing their will, and explains why it is important to seek legal advice before doing so.
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Who is Suitable to hold your Lasting Power of Attorney?

Andrew Jack of AMD Solicitors discusses the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney and who is suitable to make important decisions on your behalf.
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Understanding Collaborative Law

Alison Dukes, a family law specialist and trained collaborative family lawyer with AMD Solicitors, considers how the collaborative approach can help resolve family issues for those who are determined not to go to court.