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Businesses and Powers of Attorney - Keep it running smoothly

By Andrew Jack   Wills and Probate Solicitor with AMD Solicitors 
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Why It Pays to Get an Expert to Draft Your Commercial Lease

Whenever the owner of a commercial property chooses to rent that property out, it is vital that they get their tenant to sign a lease agreement. This lays out the obvious things, like the length of the tenancy and the amount of rent to be paid, but also all the conditions of occupation and any responsibilities held by both the landlord and tenant.
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Should I extend the term of the lease on my leasehold property?

Whilst most houses in the UK are bought and sold on a freehold basis, the majority of flats are leaseholds, granted under leases for a fixed term. Most long leases are originally granted for a term of 99, 125 or 999 years and as the remaining term of the lease reduces this can affect the value of the property.
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Putting compensation in trust - how to keep your compensation and not lose your benefits

Shelley Faulkner from AMD Solicitors explains the basic facts behind personal injury trusts.
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I Think My Builder Has Been Negligent – What Can I Do?

When you’re contractually bound to a builder, knowing how to approach the possibility that they have not fully carried out their obligations can be tricky. John Todd from AMD Solicitors discusses the all-important first steps you should take if you suspect your builder of cutting corners.
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Common Myths About Divorce

For anyone getting divorced, there is a wealth of received wisdom out there. Unfortunately much of it is wrong. This can make it hard for those facing the end of their relationship to get accurate information on which to base their decisions. Alison Dukes from AMD Solicitors considers some of the most common myths about divorce.
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Redundancy – Keeping It Legal

The economy is said to be improving after several years of doom and gloom. Sometimes though, redundancy still raises its head. In such situations it is, of course, important for the procedure to be carried out within the law.
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How to Safeguard Your Children’s Well-Being During Your Divorce

Getting divorced or ending a civil partnership is never easy, but it can be particularly hard on children. Anne Thistlethwaite from AMD solicitors looks at some of the steps you can take to minimise the impact of your relationship’s end on your kids.
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What does the Introduction of the New Employment Tribunal Laws 2014 mean for my Business?

The introduction of new Employment Tribunal Laws in April 2014 changes the way businesses deal with employee issues within the workplace. Christopher Brown from AMD Solicitors discusses the changes and what they mean for employers seeking to resolve a dispute.