Employment problems

In this constantly changing area of law you require only the best professional support. Whichever aspect of employment law you need help with we can provide prompt and practical advice to you and your small or medium sized business. At AMD we can respond to any of your legal needs and are always here when you need us the most.

Regardless of whether you are an employee or employer; we will provide valuable assistance regarding disputes including grievance and disciplinary procedures, redundancy, unfair dismissal, discrimination and redundancy claims.

We can either prepare a case and act on your behalf at Tribunal or advise you how best to go about this should you wish to represent yourself.

To find out more or to book an appointment call AMD today on 0117 9235562 and ask to speak to a member of our Employment Disputes team. Alternatively email our experienced Employment Solicitor Chris Brown to arrange an immediate and free consultation on all employment disputes.


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Supreme Court ruling confirms self-employed plumber was a worker

The Supreme Court recently delivered its ruling on the Pimlico Plumbers case, a case which has attracted media attention in recent years, regarding workers' rights. Our experienced Employment Solicitor, Chris Brown, discusses the decision.

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Redundancy – Keeping It Legal

The economy is said to be improving after several years of doom and gloom. Sometimes though, redundancy still raises its head. In such situations it is, of course, important for the procedure to be carried out within the law.

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What does the Introduction of the New Employment Tribunal Laws 2014 mean for my Business?

The introduction of new Employment Tribunal Laws in April 2014 changes the way businesses deal with employee issues within the workplace. Christopher Brown from AMD Solicitors discusses the changes and what they mean for employers seeking to resolve a dispute.

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Introduction of the New Employment Tribunal Laws

April 2014 saw new laws being introduced concerning Employment Tribunal Procedures. Christopher Brown from AMD Solicitors discusses the changes and what they mean for employers and employees and other workers wishing to resolve a dispute.<

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Compromise Agreements are becoming increasingly common as businesses shed their employees

John Todd, Litigation Solicitor at AMD Solicitors looks at some pitfalls.

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Agency Workers - Rights Explained

Christopher Brown Solicitor with AMD solicitors explains the rights of Agency Workers:

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Unfair Dismissal

Every person who is employed has a legal right not to be unfairly dismissed from his or her job. If an employer terminates an employment contract, whether with notice or otherwise, then an Employment Tribunal can be asked to consider whether or not the employee has been fairly dismissed.

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Some Facts About Redundancy

In the present economic climate employers and employees may find themselves in the position where redundancy is being seriously considered. It is worth bearing in mind some do’s and don’t’s.