Employment Issues

Being an employer gives you a number of legal responsibilities towards your employees which you must carry out in accordance with UK law. Failing to do so could invalidate the terms of your staff’s employment and could even see you facing legal proceedings.

Having expert legal advice from an experienced employment law solicitor will give you the confidence that you are complying with the relevant legislation and doing the right thing for your employees.

There are a number of areas to consider when it comes to your employees, including the following: 

Contracts of Employment

Robust, legally compliant contracts of employment protect both you and your employees. If written correctly, they can prevent issues from arising by removing any ambiguity around the terms of your staff’s employment. In the unfortunate event that issues do come up, a sound contract of employment can provide a good defence and help facilitate a fast resolution.

Disciplinary Procedures

If your employees fall short of the conduct you expect of them, having strong disciplinary procedures in place allows you to deal with the matter in a timely and professional manner. Having these procedures worked out in advance means you can make them clear to new starters which can minimise the fallout of any problems later on.

Employment Tribunals

Unfortunately it is not always possible to resolve all employment disputes internally and you may sometimes find yourself being called before an employment tribunal. If this does happen, having comprehensive and legally compliant contracts of employment and disciplinary procedures can significantly strengthen your case. We can also provide guidance on how to present your argument in the strongest possible light to give you the best chance of reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you merge with or acquire another company or companies, their employees will often form a big part of the package. In a share purchase deal, employee liabilities should be covered in the share purchase agreement and in an asset purchase the employees of the purchased business will usually be automatically transferred into the employment of the purchaser. Whether you wish to retain all of these new employees or make redundancies, it is important to handle this in a legally compliant way.

Our Expertise

AMD Solicitors have been working with businesses in the Bristol area and nationwide for decades, giving us a vast range of experience in handling all kinds of employment issues. Our expert employment law solicitors will work with your business to make sure you are operating in a way that works legally for both you and your employees. We will also be there to support you if problems arise and to help prevent any issues from escalating wherever possible.


To find out more or to book an appointment call AMD today on 0117 9235562 and ask to speak to a member of our Employment Disputes team. Alternatively email our experienced Employment Solicitor Chris Brown to arrange an immediate and free consultation on all employment disputes.


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Unfair Dismissal

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