Children & Family

Few issues cause us more stress than those relating to our children and families. We all want to do the right thing for those we care about, but it can be hard to know where to go for friendly, impartial advice. At AMD Solicitors we pride ourselves on dealing with our clients in a sensitive, professional manner, helping you find the right solutions for you and those closest to you.

Planning for the future

One of the best ways to avoid stress is by planning effectively for the future. That way you can often deal with issues before they arise, making your life much easier. Whether you are looking for advice about a pre-nuptial agreement, living-together agreement or about how marriage, a civil partnership or co-habiting might affect your interests, we can help. With decades of experience to call upon, our solicitors can help you foresee problems and put in place measures to prevent them or deal with them promptly if they do occur.

Relationship issues

Of course, no matter much you plan, issues can still occur that you need some help to resolve. We believe it is best for you and your family if the issues you have can be dealt with in a harmonious way wherever possible. That is why we specialise in non-confrontational methods of dispute resolution such as collaborative law and family mediation, helping you sort out your problems with the least possible stress and emotional turmoil.

However, where such methods are not appropriate or desirable, our solicitors also have the knowledge and experience to guide you successfully through all the necessary legal action, including initiating divorce proceedings, obtaining court orders and representing you in court.

Family issues

Some of the hardest and most upsetting situations to deal with are those involving our children and relatives. Whether you are dealing with an inheritance dispute, issues relating to residential property, business assets or trusts, or any other issues, including care proceedings, we can offer you sympathetic advice and practical solutions.

Our specialist family solicitors in Bristol can help you with:

Our team operate from offices around Bristol, in Henleaze, Clifton and Shirehampton. For more information, or to book an appointment, call 0117 962 1205 and ask for one of our family solicitors. Or, if you prefer, email Alison Dukes with your query.


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Family Court Or Mediation: Your Options Explained

When a relationship breaks down, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. The parties involved may not know where to turn and the confusion can cause a lot of stress. Whilst it is sometimes necessary to take matters to court, the parties may be able to resolve relationship issues through less formal means — often through mediation.

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Can I relocate with my children?

Jo Morris, a family law specialist at AMD Solicitors, considers a case study

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The importance of honesty in financial negotiations during divorce

ALISON DUKES, a Family Law specialist with AMD SOLICITORS, comments on the proper approach to financial disclosure if parties to a divorce want any agreement they reach to be final.

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When should a mother be expected to return to work?

Anne Thistlethwaite a Solicitor and Mediator at AMD Solicitors considers two recent cases on Financial Provision after divorce.

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Protecting your children’s inheritance - a Case Study

Anita had a child from her first marriage, Sarah. When Anita remarried she and her new husband Derek bought a home in their joint names. Derek had a son from a previous relationship, James.  He and Anita had always promised each other that the survivor of them would share their estate equally between Sarah and James.

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How to Safeguard Your Children’s Well-Being During Your Divorce

Getting divorced or ending a civil partnership is never easy, but it can be particularly hard on children. Anne Thistlethwaite from AMD solicitors looks at some of the steps you can take to minimise the impact of your relationship’s end on your kids.

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How and Why You Should Keep Your Finances Out of the Family Courts

Getting divorced can be very costly, as well as stressful and emotionally traumatic. Legal costs can seriously impact the amount of money left to divide between the two parties and the whole process can worsen your relationship.

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Will Prenuptials Become Legally Binding?

Divorce has traditionally been a messy experience for all concerned. The law has been unclear, making financial outcomes difficult to predict. Presently, prenuptial agreements provide some protection for assets, however courts are not obliged to enforce them.

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Mediation - The Way Forward for Family Disputes

Anne Thistlethwaite, a family law specialist and trained mediator with AMD Solicitors, considers how mediation can help resolve issues on family breakdown.

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Pre-nuptial Agreements - Can you choose your own divorce deal?

By John Todd Specialist Family and Litigation Solicitor, AMD Solicitors.

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If you are not there - choosing and appointing guardians

By Shelley Faulkner and Anne Thistlethwaite, specialist Probate and Family Lawyers with AMD Solicitors.

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Divorce - How To Reduce The Cost

A divorce may often, if not always, be a tragedy, particularly for any children who may be involved. When there is no alternative however can the cost, both emotional and financial, be reduced by how the husband and wife and their advisors, deal with the issues in dispute?

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Collaboration on Divorce - A Different Way Forward

As the government plans to encourage separating couples to consider methods of dispute resolution rather than resorting to court proceedings, Alison Dukes, Specialist Family Solicitor with AMD Solicitors and a trained Collaborative Lawyer explains how an alternative approach to relationship breakdown may be right for you.