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Equity Release

Home sweet home and equity release by Laura Wilkinson
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Unfair Dismissal

Every person who is employed has a legal right not to be unfairly dismissed from his or her job. If an employer terminates an employment contract, whether with notice or otherwise, then an Employment Tribunal can be asked to consider whether or not the employee has been fairly dismissed.
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Some Facts About Redundancy

In the present economic climate employers and employees may find themselves in the position where redundancy is being seriously considered. It is worth bearing in mind some do’s and don’t’s.
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Children on the autistic spectrum

Education for children on the autistic spectrum by Alison Dukes
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Getting in shape for Business

The Downs are already starting to look more like an athletics track than Stratford. So with an improvement on last year’s time to beat, or even a first attempt looming, one thing is for sure, preparations will be key to a good run. The same can be said about running a business whether you are starting a business or ready to move to develop your business to new heights.
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Negotiating a new lease of business premises

Solicitor Katie Hughes Specialist Commercial Lawyer offers some guidance.
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Losing the Children

The changing trends in orders made for children, by Alison Dukes
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A Question of Trust?

Are you buying a property with someone else or making a contribution towards someone else’s purchase? Laura Wilkinson of AMD Solicitors offers some advice.
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Businesses and Wills - Keep it in the family?

Andrew Jack, Wills and Probate Solicitor with AMD Solicitors considers the importance of making a Will if you are the owner of a small business
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Putting Your Business First in 2011

Grant McCall, Solicitor considers what new year resolutions you should make for your business.